Wednesday 25, 2018

Znen Motors Ltd.


ZNEN is the world’s largest scooter producer and it has the largest scooter plant all over the world . The Zhoongneng Industry Group Company produces scooters under the brand name ZNEN. The company was established in 1987 and started the two-wheeler production in 1988. The company is located in Taizhou city, China. Now they are producing different types of scooters, other motorcycles, ATVs and even cars. The aim of the company is to become world famous motorcycle brand and people feel proud owning one ZNEN Motorcycle. The annual motorcycle production of this company is 19 million units. These motorcycles are sold nearly 138 countries and regions around the world.

ZNEN scooters are widely used as mode transportation. The reasons behind this are the lower maintenance cost and easy to use. These scooters are very popular in USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, North America even Asia. ZNEN Motor started their operation cooperated with some senior American motorcycle company which helped them to achieve the American EPA and DOT certifications and helped ZNEN to head in the American market confidently assuring standard and quality. Afterward they targeted to complete with the European market. European and American 70% motorcycle company purchasing ZNEN motorcycle and re-branding under their own brand. Currently ZNEN working together with Aprilia, a world famous brand from italy. ZNEN produce Scooter and Motorcycle engine theirselves,although they have another version engine which supplied by Aprilia. Currently ZNEN is very famous brand in almost all European country. In Bangladesh Fasani Inteps Ltd. is the only sole distributor who are importing ZNEN brand with European version engine.