Wednesday 25, 2018

Creative Circle Ltd.


The design business is multi–faceted. Everyone has personal theme and it’s get life while a designer designed. We will provide work as a product–driven designer or as a design consultant. The product–driven designer is a hands–on designer who combines the task of conceptualizing the look of the given space with marketing a wide variety of products. This is the common track of start–up designers. The designer often markets various products and even offers free design advice if the client buys all of the products from him or her. Buyers of their products are often allotted a certain number of hours of free design advice; if more time is needed, then per hour fee is charged. A product–driven designer also charges a per hour rate to customers who seek their advice but buys products from another company. Our members have been working in the business since long with the conventional reputation and a long list of references. We also focus on offering design–consulting services.